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Nothing can be more relaxing on a Friday night than just chillin' in front of the tube and hanging out with friends. Things couldn't possibly be better right now. Well, I could be really drunk. But I'm not. I'm drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And...and...uh...yeah. I'm starting to think that's not such a good idea.

But I digress. So. All of my friends are in the other room watching Mallrats for the 205th time while I'm sitting here tooling around on Matt's computer. I can't seem to escape these damned machines. And of course you know I'm just rambling on now because quite frankly, I don't exactly feel like thinking...or concentrating on anything at the moment. So yea...I'm just going to quietly leave now. I need a refill anyway.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001 link   email

After walking around Best Buy for ten minutes or so last night, I finally was able to find the first season of Simpsons on DVD that was released earlier in the day. Apparently I was the only one there who regarded this as a highly monumental event. It seems they had stashed it away with all of the other movies and not with the new releases. It's a good thing I unexpectedly ran into Miller and J (quite literally since they both scared the shit out of me as I turned the corner of the aisle) and they helped me find it. I watched the first six episodes when I returned home and briefly scanned through mostly everything else after that. It was pretty weird to see how the show started...the crude animation, semi-interesting plots, unrefined voices and characters. I think you really need to be somewhat of a true Simpsons fan to really appreciate how far the show has come. Besides, I think Matt Groening said it best: "We didn't know what the hell we were doing back then." Which is of course a little better than I can say for myself. I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing now.

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Finally, the long awaited entire first season of The Simpsons has been released today on DVD! I just hope I can find it in one of the stores when I get off of work since I didn't bother to pre-order...

Friday, September 21, 2001 link   email

So I've been a little down and out with a touch of the flu that's been going around lately. Today I decided to take the day off of work to get some rest and pretty much spent most of it sleeping on my couch and flipping through all three of my television channels. And although the feeling of relaxing (as much as one can in a state of nauseousness) was nice, I hate the feeling of doing nothing at all even more. I couldn't help but get my thoughts off of deadlines, missed work and other stupid little tasks and errands I had to run. Man, I really need to learn how to relax. I did however at one point manage to fold my towels. Go me.

And since I've been on a Steve Martin kick lately, I ended up watching a rented copy of Roxanne (which is actually based on another movie called Cyrano de Bergerac). But anyway, if you haven't seen it yet I suggest you check it out...absolutely hilarious! I definitely have to add that one to my list.

Ummm, which also reminds me that I have to stop making lists. They are starting to take up too much of my life.

Monday, September 17, 2001 link   email

Bush's quote of the week:
"When I take action I'm not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt. It's going to be decisive."

I'm beginning to like this guy more and more each day.

Sunday, September 16, 2001 link   email

The mood this past weekend has been rather mixed. On one hand, everyone seems to have been brought closer and more united by this past week's events. On the other, there has also been a bit of tenseness and uneasiness in the air. Long talks...sharing feelings and opinions and emotions with one and another. One of my best friends lives in the D.C. area, another friend in NYC...both of whom are thankfully okay. Another of my good friends works as a flight attendant for Continental...thank God she was diverted to Ft. Lauderdale and is now back at home safe. We all sat together sharing coffee on Friday evening because noone really felt like going out anywhere. As we sat there attentively listening to her talk about how she and other coworkers had learned and dealt (are dealing) with the terrorist attacks, she told us how many of them didn't find out what was going on until after their flights had been diverted to other airports. Many are thinking about quitting their jobs. Many are afraid of losing their jobs. And I myself am still learning that even though I haven't been directly affected by Tuesday's attacks, I really have been in one way or another. Hell, I have been affected by this in a lot of ways...we all have.

Saturday evening was a vain attempt at trying to get everything in the back of our minds for one night. It was thwarted however by a band whose set revolved around a patriotic war theme. News clips recorded and blaring through the speakers, fatigues, songs with titles like "Prisoner of War" get the idea. And even though they had good intentions and I really don't blame was pretty much in bad taste. We left pretty much after they started. So did a lot of other people. It seems like they all felt the same way that we did. All we wanted was one night to feel okay again...sane.

But this is very, very far from being over. And quite frankly I don't think it ever will be.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001 link   email

In the wake of all of the violence that has surrounded us and the events that are still left to unfold, Im left only with a sickening feeling in my stomach and a great sorrow in my heart. It is almost unbearable to imagine how this has not only affected the victims and families, but the entire nation and those around the world as well. I myself dont feel much like talking about anything right now. There have been, and continue to be many other people out there with touching stories and recaps of these events, offering their condolences and support. Even within the web community the mood has been a somber one, but the support is there as well. Many have offered links to articles and relief operations. A few have even temporarily replaced their sites with black pages. Here are just a few sites where you can learn more and even help. Im sorry that I couldnt list them all, this is just a place to start. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

  • Donate online to the Red Cross

  • Donate online to the Salvation Army

  • New York City Bombing Check-In Registry

  • Another message board/check-in center for friends and families

  • Blogger search page on the World Trade center disaster

  • Ongoing thread at metafilter

  • Jason has compiled a great listing of links and other information.

  • On my way to work this morning I was flipping through the radio stations for news coverage and heard Imagine by John Lennon. I did the best I could to fight the tears

    Tuesday, September 11, 2001 link   email

    So. As I'm sitting here trying to coax my usually abnormal thought processes into producing something of a much needed update to my site, I get an instant message from my ex-girlfriend that she is "getting hitched" (her exact words). While I don't exactly feel like going into greater detail on the subject, I can say that I'm pretty much stuck in the middle of feeling sad to feeling absolutely nothing at all. What do you expect really? It has been a while since we have even talked, but regardless, it was a brief and dreadfully anticipated "how do you do" that pretty much put an end to the question of: "So who's it going to be first?" Oh well, I believe a phone call would have been more in order here (if nothing else). But I will say that I am honestly very happy for her and wish her the best of luck. Damnit. As if my thoughts weren't overcrowded enough right now.

    And sitting here for a few moments afterwards trying to figure out just where I had left off, I've realized that I've been building up a sort of overbearing request upon myself to remember everything I've wanted to write about...all the events and happenings and hazy recollections of the past few months or so (not that there's any direct corrolation to the above. There is but there isn't. Bear with me, I'm not even sure if I understand what I'm talking about right now). So much caught up in the past and too much time spent on "should be's". I've been constantly telling myself that I need to work on my site, I need to blog, I need to do this, I need to do that, trying to figure out the point where I stopped making regular posts, blah, blah, blah. Big talker, eh? Well everything as of late has been nothing but half-assed apology for lack of updates, and quite frankly I'm a bit embarrassed. I mean, how much of this shit do you really need to keep hearing about anyway? And why have I been consumed with the need for explanations in the first place? Please note that this has apparently turned out to be nothing but another long-winded apology within itself anyway. And rather unintentionally might I add.

    Boy, listen to me ramble on. It's a little late and I've had waaaay to many cups of coffee already. 500 words or less has never been my forte.

    With all that being said (and hopefully you just scrolled down to this point anyway), my answer is simple: "The only thing that really matters is NOW". I'm really not going to try and bother drudging up all that other crap anyway. There are however a few amusing bullet points regarding strange or amusing things that have happened recently. I truly couldn't pass these up in good conscience:

  • While I was out running a few errands one day, I happened to notice a man riding a unicycle on the side of the road. Enough said there.

  • While dining at a local mexican restaurant, my friends and I noticed a clown sitting by himself at a table with three full glasses of pop accompanying his meal. We were told he had been there for over three hours.

  • Ummm, I'm not sure if I should be ashamed of this or not, but I am currently working on a porn site as one of my freelance projects. I knew it was only a matter of time in this profession. And no, you can't see it.

  • Phew. I think that's enough for me right now, friends. I've got a date with my pillow. Good night.

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