Monday, August 13, 2001 link   email

My weeknight schedule as of late has consisted of a lot of movie viewing. Tonight I made a trip to Best Buy and ended up purchasing The Man With Two Brains on DVD for only $9.99...completely on a whim might I add even though I've never seen it. And although I'm a pretty big fan of Steve Martin, I've decided that I like the narrative style of some of his other movies better (i.e. L.A. Story). But it was a pretty funny movie and I needed a really good laugh anyway ("I can't fuck a gorilla!").


Oh, and I've had fish in my tank for almost two weeks now and it's a miracle they aren't dead yet. Three large silver-faced angels, one small black angel, two bala sharks, three american flag fish and a clown loach. Miller, of course, has followed suit and even posted some pictures of his new friends on his site. So in the meantime I'll just let your imagination run wild until I post some pics of my own. Patience, Grasshopper. I'm getting there.

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